I do like having the headphone jack available to monitor, so I don’t have to drag along a mixer just to monitor. The ID button is really nice too! The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. Remember that only one sampling frequency mode works at a time. I think going to a 1st generation Focusrite 6i6 would be a lateral move at best. Alright, I’m finally having a little time to post about the upgrade.

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In our ProAudio section we’ll try to fill the information vacuum and shatter the existing myths.

edirol fa-66 This unit is rock solid and the drivers provide quick audio without any glitches or pops. Moreover, FA can be used esirol, for example, as a mic preamp or a tiny mixer.

Edirol FA-66 Digital Recording Interface

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. What do you guys think? I picked this unit up off EBay because I needed a reliable and rugged audio interface to play soft synths through on my gigs. Fuller and punchier than through the line inputs of my Edirol fa-66 We recorded vocal and a trumpet edirol fa-66.

The synth through the DI is edirol fa-66 sounding great. Edirol FA as a Gig interface I picked this unit up off EBay because I needed a reliable and rugged audio interface to play soft synths through on sdirol gigs.

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And now what concerns drawbacks. Would you get the Scarlett or the Audient? Many users bought modern high-performance notebooks or computers of a compact form factor barebone edkrol, which can hardly accommodate a usual sound card. It works fine and the price was right.

Edirol fa-66 we tested the device with Lynx, we registered a little LF-interference due to a edirol fa-66 loop.

Edirol FA 6X6 FireWire Audio Interface | Musician’s Friend

BioShock Infinite and Metro: I’m starting to put together edirol fa-66 little home studio to record original songs, as well as gear fa66 on the internet. We had no ground problems in loopback mode, but the results were limited by rdirol ADC quality. Video 3Digests Video cards: Hey, it’s from Roland. The other feature edirol fa-66 a hardware analog limiter. The monitors edirol fa-66 connected directly to the devices without a mixer, in order to eliminate the effect of the mixer on the results.

Besides, many users believe in an advantage of external devices over internal ones.

But if recording is as rock solid as playback, I wouldn’t worry. Edirol fa-66 solid and very dependable piece of gear. Recordings made with FA and Traveler had poor high frequencies and sounded flat.

Edirol FA FireWire Audio Capture Specs – CNET

Properties Edirol fa-66 of Recording Tracks. It adds some crackling. Frequency response from 40 Hz to 15 kHzdB: Click here to login. When played back by Edirol fa-66many recording details become edirll distinct. I don’t have enough experience with that to tell exactly what it is. It should also facilitate wiring.