I was told that if I was to move from the stock A1 position to the A3 position Loft and lie are independent but not face angle and loft. Several functions may not work. Does anyone have the chart or can point to that specific post? You are using a theme designed for your browser. That’s why I ask the question.

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Thanks for any replies. Thank you Norm NJ. My intent was to give you all the necessary tools to help you find the SureFit setting that helps you get the most out of your Titleist equipment. Media Reviews Golf Monthly. If so, does this have to be done through Titleist or can I order the shaft and replace it myself?

Both give the same result from what you say.

D2 Which setting should I play todays round with? – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

I was told that if I was to move from the stock A1 position to the A3 position I’m using the project x 7c3 shaft. Below is the chart as you are probably used to seeing it…. The SFT hosel features a sleeve and ring, each with four settings. In yo Bag Driver: They are designed to precision fit the player by optimizing ball flight performance variables such has ball adjusf, launch and spin.

You’ll see that the D-1 setting decreases loft by I recommend anyone who wants a bit of extra distance to buy this club, you’ll love it! How to adjust titleist 910 d2 me know how this works.

910D2 9.5 Which setting should I play todays round with?

As you can see this post has a ton of detailed information. July 30, at Further information on the fairway metals and hybrids will be available soon.

There was a slight improvement in forgiveness from the larger sweet areas and the optimised sound and feel at impact were excellent. My issue is I can’t really figure out the chart.

Looking forward to trying out the fairwaywood. I’m still hitting it straight, a little shorter than normal but now my problem is low ball flight.

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Titleist SureFit Tour Hosel & Performance Fitting Chart

91 now I see the settings are perhaps a bit missleading? Can’t wait to get it to the course and see how I do. And in adjudt I didn’t change, my clubs were robbed and I had to buy new ones. The other chart, which has more information regarding face angle, is found in fitting guides that Titleist produces for PGA Professionals and golf club fitters.

First I how to adjust titleist 910 d2 recommend the B1 setting.

Other stand-out features include: Please login to post a comment. The cast titanium head also features a forged titanium face insert that has a thicker central portion equidistant from all points around the face perimeter.

By the way I have not used mine a lot yet but the settings do seem to make a difference. Aadjust now I am leaning toward D3. Hi Daniel, The first useable article I have found on the net, great work! Im thinking its my balance thats all screwed how to adjust titleist 910 d2 but Im totally lost at this point.

Please contact your authorized Titleist dealer for information regarding pre-orders of the driver.