The company’s customers can choose the position of the electronic components. Interactive advertising, especially in large format as Visual Planet specialise in, will allow customers to find out more about products and services, as well as companies finding out more about the people using the touch screens. When received in , Visualplanet’s ViP Interactive Foil had been sold through a network of 60 added value resellers across the world. ViP Interactive Foil resellers Tactyl Services have provided customers with the necessary drivers required to use the Serial board version of the foil with a MAC computer. Download MAC Driver here.

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Interactive Reception Displays

Side or Bottom Tail What? The ViP Interactive Foil is developed and manufactured by the company making interactive technology more accessible to resellers, designers and multimedia companies. To achieve such creativity and innovation LCD Screens visual planet touch foil with touch interactive foils were used creating attractive and inviting touch displays.

With their answers we had a foundation to work with, tweaked it, and then optimised any opportunities for improvement. Touch Foils with Holographic films.

Download MAC Driver here Visual Planet are always working in partnership with their global resellers ofil system integrators aiming to enhance the experience customers have with our products and this is another step forward for the development of the ViP Interactive Foil. Want an exciting new interactive exhibit in your museum or tourist site?

Touch The Most Versatile System Touch-Glass has visual planet touch foil function of a touch screen but its functionality opens up a wide spectrum of possibilities and applications.

Extending the number of global ViP Interactive Foil resellers and system integrators successfully creating unique and innovative touch screen displays integrated with Visual Planet touch technology Increasing awareness of interactive Digital Out visual planet touch foil Home advertising Recognition of ViP Interactive Foil as visal leader plannet creating large through window touch solutions Visual Planet and partners being at the centre of innovative and creative touch technology Now that is her Visual Planet is looking forward to another year of growth as the arket for touch and interactive solutions expands.

The flexibility of the interactive foil opens up the possibility of touch interactive projections displays, and the sense of toich floating images, as expressed by Tom Cruise in the film Minority Report. The information is displayed round-the-clock, making show times and descriptions available even when the theatre is closed.

Visual planet touch foil the technology is on the glass inside. Flexible yet rugged ribbon cable connector. The Quick Start guides have also been updated to provide information about how the auto viaual and auto install functions will visual planet touch foil.

Visual Planet – Wikipedia

Unlike other touch systems, visual planet touch foil price for Touch-Glass hardly changes as the size gets bigger. Foli Visual Planet touch gisual seemed like a great way to do this. Dual Touch IR Overlay. In December Visual planet touch foil Cola Japan attended the Eco Products exhibition in Tokyo with their innovative interactive booth experience.

As well as being used in windows, they can be installed on curved surfaces to create eye-catching displays, or integrated with LCD screens.

Full instructions will be provided. The National Theatrebeside the Thames, wanted visual planet touch foil extend its reach beyond the physical space it occupies and tempt passers-by to find out more about its productions.

Their customer service and after-sales is brilliant!

To highlight the strong focus on recycling not only did the exhibition promote protection of the environment, but it did so in an environmentally friendly manner even adopting recyclable materials to construct the booth itself therefore promoting environmental issues both in the virtual interactive world and in the realistic surroundings visual planet touch foil the exhibition.

The foils are unaffected by sunlight, so even in a south facing window they should work perfectly, and in winter, the interactivity is maintained even if passers-by are wearing gloves. Interactive advertising, especially in large format as Visual Planet specialise in, will allow customers to find out more about products and services, as well as companies finding out more about visual planet touch foil people using the touch screens.

Related Products Rear Projection Film. See our image and video galleries for examples of innovative touch solutions.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The type of visual planet touch foil is dependant on whether you specify a side or a bottom tail position.

Visual Planet offers a range of permanent and removable fixing options, and a reusable version of the film is available.

Visual Planet are visuall working in partnership with their global resellers and system integrators visual planet touch foil to enhance the experience customers have with our products and this is another step forward for the visual planet touch foil of the ViP Interactive Foil. Since visualplanet visua been committed to developing and improving the touchfoil. We would like to hear from you to discuss any touch screen requirements that you may have for areas around you in retail, business, and any other public areas.

Visual Planet’s three versions of controller board.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to visual planet touch foil use. The supplier supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. Interactive foil for through-window touch applications.